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We're a dedicated team of hackers and knowledge seekers.

Our Why

People are the most significant attack vector of every organization. Yet, very little exists in assessing what that risk looks like for a given organization. Servers and code are subject to scanning, why not humans?

The closest some organizations do are social engineering penetration tests, though that process is not holistic, nor affordable, nor scalable.

People today interact heavily with tech-driven communication channels like email, messaging apps, and social media. Some of it for work, some of it at work, and much of it for personal enjoyment. It is these channels in which we we are the most vulnerable.

ZibaSec exists to fill this void.

We want organizations of all sizes to have the ability to check what departments, teams, and individuals are the most susceptible to tech-driven social engineering, and giving them the data to do something about it. Right now, that’s limited to email, and we plan to add more attack vectors.

We want to make a well-engineered, beautifully designed platform for organizations that believe in our “Why.”

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